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So by now you have all fallen in love with ScienceDirect for all your Life, Health, Social, Physical, and Engineering Science needs. But wait….there’s more.

Give EBSCOhost a try and enjoy a more visual, contemporary, almost Google-ish database for all your research and professional development needs. EBSCOhost allows you to customize your search pages, choose your preferred citation style, log on and create permanent folders to store and organize your work (and when you log off they will still be there…WHEW!), and browse thousands of full-text, peer-reviewed journals and articles. For the more visual learner, you can view and store images with your articles or perform a “Visual Search” that displays your results as a graph or series of organized boxes.

However you search, remember to look for the highest quality, most reputible and complete resources by selecting: Full-Text and Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly)! These are the types of materials that good papers are made of.


The ASC has placed all the currently tested ESL students.  Friday, July 25, was the last day to place students in class for Summer 2008.  We are continuing to test prospective students and placing them on the waitlist for fall quarter.  Our placement of students for summer was so successful that we currently have only seven students on the waitlist.

We are testing Monday through Thursday at 1:00 PM and we will hold one more evening test on August 14 at 5:30 PM to accommodate those who cannot test during the day.  

Feeling stressed? Need to take a little break from your homework and term papers? Board and card games will be available for check out at the circulation desk next week. So far we are getting: Monopoly, Checkers, Uno, and Scrabble, but if there is a game you and your friends really want, let us know!

There will be a new ESL I-BEST program beginning Fall 2008.  I-BEST stands for Integrated Basic Education Skills Training.  It is a combination of workplace training and ESL.  The College is currently offering I-BEST Accounting at the Redmond campus.  This is a three quarter accounting program for non-native speakers. 

The new I-BEST offering will run on the Kirkland campus.  It is called the General Service Technician program and will train students to work in the automotive industry.   The program will run two quarters with tentative hours of 9:30 am – 3:00 pm.

Interested students should contact the staff in the ASC (T-217) or Mikal Steinbacher at

Camtasia 5 can be used to create audio and video podcasts. If you have a PowerPoint file, that can also be used to create a podcast. There are 8 copies of Camtasia 5 available in the TLC.
Example of a Camtasia Podcast –