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The Applied Design Librarian LOVES the October issue of Print Magazine!

Turn up your speakers, sit back, and enjoy this discussion by Heather Davis, Faculty Librarian, as she gives you a brief overview of the current graphic design periodical, Print Magazine, set to hit the shelves very soon.

The goal of this demonstration is to show you how to change your page numbering mid document.
In your Word Document

  1. Place your cursor where you would like the page numbering to change (note, this will create a new page)
  2. Select the Page Layout Tab
  3. Click on Breaks and Select Next Page Section BreakA section break will appear
  4. Double click on your footer

Go to the section below (in this example, section 2)

  1. Unclick the Ribbon Option “Link to Previous”
  2. Click on “Go to footer”
  3. Again, Click the Link to Previous button

In the section where the page numbering needs to be different:

In your Header and Footer Ribbon

  1. Click on Page Number
  2. Select Format Page NumbersThe Page Number format dialog opens
  3. Select the numbering format your writing style requires
  4. Click the OK button

You’ve now accomplished your goal

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The Learning Commons offers training sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to encourage Faculty and Staff development in technology.

Mondays:  ANGEL – the learning management system (LMS) chosen by the university to enable hybrid and online education

Wednesdays:  Microsoft Office 2007 series – bringing knowledge of Office 2007 to the LWTC campus community

Fridays:  Podcasting – teaching instructors how to use podcasting as an additional resource for student retention and access to course materials

This is just the beginning!  Additional courses are coming soon, including online only courses.

Determined to help the LWTC students!

As the quarter winds down here at Lake Washington Technical College you are all probably stressing out about research papers, presentations, and final exams.

Maybe you have something in mind for that research paper, but you’re not quite sure how to get started or how to get some really great articles out of ProQuest. Maybe you are dreading putting together your references/works cited page because you haven’t discovered the awesome power of NoodleBib, which helps you cite your references in the format your instructors want to see.


For the next THREE final Saturdays of the quarter (November 15th, 22nd, and December 6th) our newest Librarian, Heather Davis, will be on hand to answer questions, help you develop an information strategy for that daunting 5 page paper, orient you to NoodleBib, and much, much MORE.

But wait . . . THERE’S MORE!

Also for the next THREE final Saturdays of the quarter the Reference Desk on the 3rd floor will be manned by our own Heather Davis from noon to 2PM. If you find yourself sitting at a computer workstation, at one of those long tables on the 3rd floor, or anywhere else in the Library and realize you need some assistance in locating information then head on over to the Reference Desk where Heather will be more than happy to help you.

After 2PM you can still reach Heather via Meebo or simply ask for her at the Circulation Desk. For those of you working from home on Saturday you can call, email, or use Meebo to ask questions and get the help you need.