From the monthly archives: "April 2011"

Time to let us know what you think when you take the….


Take a look at the links up at the top of this page. On the far right, you’ll see one that says “2011 Survey.” Click on it and give us your feedback! It’ll only take a few minutes and we’re hoping to set a record for student participation this year. Help us to make the Learning Commons a better place for you and your fellow students! Take the survey today!

Hi everyone. It’s been mentioned to me that not everyone is fully aware of how long/whether things can be checked out, here at the Learning Commons, so I thought I’d throw the information up here for a little while. Hopefully, it’ll become part of a permanent page here at our website, but for now:

Circulation Periods:
Books in the regular collection may be checked out for the Quarter.
Reserve books (found behind the Circulation Desk) may be checked out for 2 hours, in Library use only.
Reference books may not be checked out.

DVDs, Flip Cameras, Kindles, Graphing Calculators and other items may be checked out for up to seven days.

Any other questions, just ask one of the staff or workstudy students at the circulation desk!