From the monthly archives: "October 2011"

Need a quiet place to study and get school work done?

Tired of the person next to you talking loudly on their cell phone?

All the computers are full in the library and you like to quietly work on your own?

Well head on over to the library and check out our quiet study area in the Library Conference Room. It is located just on the other side of the grand staircase on the main floor of the library. In there you can find up-to-date PC workstations equipped with Microsoft Office, Internet, and much more.

The quiet study area in the Library Conference Room is an enforceable quiet study area in the library, so let someone know if they are being too noisy or let a library staff member know.

If you DO NOT need a quiet study area, but would like to get together with a group of your class peers check out our study rooms! There is one study room on the upper level of the library on your right as you come off the stairs (it’s right next door to the office with the fancy glass blocks).

There is also a study room in the Academic Skills Center, which is located on the main floor, just past the grand staircase.

If you are interested in booking a study room remember that you have to do this 24 hours in advance so we have enough time to update the calendars posted on the door. If you need to book a study room, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Forms and Calendars page on our website.
  2. Under Calendars click on the study room you are interested in booking (ASC Study Room Calendar or Study Room Calendar).
  3. Check the calendar to see if there is a time slot that works for your group.
  4. After you have identified an opening go to the Forms section and select Conference & Study Room Request Form (Note: Students are not permitted to book the Library Conference Room, only the small study rooms).
  5. After we have received the calendar appointment we will book it on the calendar, notify you of the booking, and post the paper calendar on the door.
  6. Voila! You and your group have a place to get together and study or work on a project.

Also remember that you can book either of the study rooms from home or on campus!

If you have questions about the quiet study area or the group study rooms please contact a library staff member!